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RIP Old Bicycle Recorder, I had fun.



Brian Bonz opens for Straylight Run!

Brian Bonz (And EJ DeCoske) will be opening up for Straylight Run on the last leg of there fall tour! Check it out friends!


26 – Dallas, TX @ The Door
27 – Austin, TX @ Emo’s
28 – Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory
29 – Little Rock, AR @ Revolution Music Room


1 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Mixtape Café
3 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel
5 – Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
6 – Providence, RI @ Club Hell
7 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft

Brian Bonz on John In The Morning KEXP Radio


KEXP is one of my favorite radio stations, and have been supporting awesome bands since day one. Everyone we have shared the stage with or have gotten a chance to meet always has such nice and valid things to say about the people who work there. They pushed our old band Pablo, our rough mixes for From Sumi to Japan, and recently had Kevin Devine on. We are excited to announce that John Richards will be having Brian Bonz and the Dot Hongs on September 17th, 2009 live at the Cutting Room on KEXP 91.5FM Radio New York from 9AM to Noon ET.

Please tune in, and check us out performing some our material. Cutting Room folks always do a killer job.

Also we have some great northeast gigs coming up:
9.15.09 Great Scott – Supporting Ramona Falls
9.18.09 Marylou Coffeehouse (Colby College)
9.19.09 Kung Fu Necktie – Supporting Ramona Falls
9.23.09 Union Hall – Supporting Pronto (Mikael Jorgensen of Wilco)
9.27.09 Iota – Arlington, VA

And Yes, Corey Haim will be playing Harmonica with us.

Quitting Cigarettes and Sick

A few days ago, I woke up with a tight chest. It would hurt to breathe in deep or laugh. Past spring, I began to pick up the habit of smoking – which is easy to happen when you’re on tour with others who smoke or work at a bar on the weekends. A social smoke here and there a party every now and then is not that bad. Eventually I became the guy who bummed all the time and grew into purchasing packs. I would smoke over a pack a day sometimes, and not even know. All cigarettes have ever really done for me is make my stomach tight, and hurt my chest. I have been home in bed for two days now weak and strung out. This is a note from a friend of yours to quit now, and clean your act together. Doctor Eric John DeCoske once said “too much of anything can kill you, even tuna fish”. On my way to recovery I will continue to watch the Halloween series, and A&E’s “The Two Coreys”.

Win Prizes!

Click on this link to win a signed copy of From Sumi to Japan and Skate deck with original artwork by Jinda!


Summer Release

Soaking up home life, joined netflix, and writing some music. It’s good to see family and friends again after touring since April. I had the pleasure to perform at Lollapalooza in Kevin Devine’s Goddamn Band. We had a great show and crowd on Friday in the middle of the rain – Chicago knows how to represent.

Our record is officially out now! Thank you so much for the support and everyone involved who made it happen.

Full CD on!

Listen to our record at

From Sumi to Japan on Vinyl!

From the words of the sweetest people on earth..

Hallelujah! Besides being our very first full length, this release has been a total labor of love and we’re very excited to finally have it finished. We’re sorry that we left people in the dark about this one for quite some time. We would look at that March 09 release date and just laugh…..But now we can finally give out all the gory details about this truly special release.

From Sumi To Japan comes pressed on 180gm vinyl and in a limited run of 315 copies. Every aspect of the packaging has been produced by hand. Each record comes in a dbl-sided screen-printed jacket containing two screen-printed inserts which are then placed in an embroidered muslin bag and sewn shut. This release features two different jacket designs. We call them “op art” and “record” respectively. You can call them whatever you want. We plan to send these out randomly. Please feel free to request a specific design when you order but we can’t guarantee we can accommodate you. Finally, a cover of the Broken Social Scene tune “Supperconnected” is exclusive to our vinyl release. Interestingly, this vinyl version sports a different track order than the August 4 release on Triple Crown Records. This was not intentional, but merely a last minute revision after we had already gone to press. Just to note, we wanted to keep the cost reasonable for something this special so pressing a low number of copies was the compromise for that. There is a good possibility we may do a second pressing in the future with completely different packaging. We have some pics of this beauty over on our blog. Do yourself a favor and pay a visit to get a better idea of what we’re talking about.

There are a couple of people we want to thank for helping us with this who didn’t make it onto the inserts. Sorry peeps there just wasn’t enough room. So here we go:

Jennifer Frost for all her invaluable sewing work. This couldn’t happen without you!

Polluted Eyeball for his teachings and patience with endless email questions about screen printing. It truly IS a journey!

Brian will also have copies with him on upcoming tour dates so please feel free to pick it up straight from him if you’ll be catching him live.