Quitting Cigarettes and Sick

A few days ago, I woke up with a tight chest. It would hurt to breathe in deep or laugh. Past spring, I began to pick up the habit of smoking – which is easy to happen when you’re on tour with others who smoke or work at a bar on the weekends. A social smoke here and there a party every now and then is not that bad. Eventually I became the guy who bummed all the time and grew into purchasing packs. I would smoke over a pack a day sometimes, and not even know. All cigarettes have ever really done for me is make my stomach tight, and hurt my chest. I have been home in bed for two days now weak and strung out. This is a note from a friend of yours to quit now, and clean your act together. Doctor Eric John DeCoske once said “too much of anything can kill you, even tuna fish”. On my way to recovery I will continue to watch the Halloween series, and A&E’s “The Two Coreys”.


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