South….. and Birthday Fun


Southeast, You are the beast.


Thanks to all those from Richmond,VA for coming out. The venue use to be an old tobacco factory, and had several floors. Some of these southern venues allow smoking, which is a switch up from our New York laws. Richmond is a very sweet place, and has a nice feel to it. 


We performed at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC. The sound in that place is dead on. We had a blast performing for everyone there, and ate some fine food. After the show we stopped by the Cats Cradle to check out Cursive, and grabbed a fried chicken biscuit from “Time Out”. The general public is fixated on our  van. Last night, a cop came out just to compliment us on it, and see how “cool” it was. Wild, Right? Just as wild as the stoner drugged out captain hat wearing couple who stopped us while we we’re grabbing locopops.. 


Watching “Halloween”, “Alien” and “Evil Dead” in the van. 


Florida was such a great time.. Everyone who came out treated us right. All the venues we’re a blast. We celebrated Jinda’s Birthday in Orlando. Action packed fun. We had a day off in Miami. Very peaceful beach day. 


We finally have copies of our full length now at our shows! Please pick them up. Atlanta was nice to us, and picked up some copies. 


Oh,.. I turned a year older on May 10th! Houston’s crowd was amazing… and made us feel at home.


Also – I have posted some dates for another upcoming tour supporting NIGHTMARE OF YOU & PLUSH GUN. If you’re in town – Come out and hang out. I will performing solo throughout this run.  Click here to see!


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