Day 1 & Day 2

A wonderful first show at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia. We hit the stage early, and the roomed was filled – Thank you! Everyone seemed kind and listened to all 3 bands. Miniature Tigers are good folks, and one talented band. We’re glad we have another 31 shows with them. We’re traveling, and performing in Kevin’s band. Our van is pretty sick because it’s huge and has an x-box. Kevin is/has always treating us right, and I feel at home. 


On route to Baltimore now to perform at the Ottobar. I’ve been hooked on HBO’s “The Wire”, and it’s such an well written show. Very powerful television that sends a outline of the overall message of how to make it through life in such a wild neighborhood. If you haven’t seen this show – Please start on season 1.

It was our first time performing in Baltimore, and everyone was awesome. Totally great crowd, and fun to chat with. I am a bit sleepy. All of us are crashing at our pal Matt & Sam’s house in D.C – It’s slick. 


Tomorrow.. Richmond, VA. 



PS: We will have Men t-shirts and “From Sumi to Japan” CDs in a few days!!!


heres a handful of pics from the first couple days of the Brother’s Blood tour


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